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Miracle Buzz
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3/8 oz. Short arm Buzz Bait.  Gray or Blood Red head with White Rubber Skirt.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
3/8 oz. Outer Aluminum blade turns counter clockwise and inner plastic blade turns clockwise.

Colors: White, White/Purple/Pink, Black, Black/White, Chartreuse, Chartreuse/White, Blue/White, Blue/Chartreuse, Lime/White, Brown/Orange,

$5.95 each
1oz. Buzz Bait w/ Counter Turning Blades

White Head - White blade- White Skirt
Chartreuse Head - Chartreuse Sparkle - Chartreuse Skirt
Black Head - Black Blade - Black Skirt

$4.89 each
1oz Buzz Bait w/ Plastic 4 blade.
White head - Sexy Shad Skirt
Black Head - Black Blue Skirt
Chartreuse Head - Blue/Chartreuse/Pearl Skirt

$5.89 each

V-Buzz  4 Blade 

3/8 oz. Counter  Turning Blades
Assorted skirt colors available
A buzz bait that will track straight.
Add a Buzz Blade to any lure, 
    plastic worm or jig     $2.00 EACH

WilloBuzz  3/8 oz.  $4.99

3/8 oz. Buzzbait with a Willowleaf blade attached.  Assorted skirt colors available.